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Hello! I'm Eric De La Rosa, a passionate software engineer with a strong foundation in crafting elegant, efficient, and user-friendly solutions. Beyond my technical expertise, I bring a unique blend of social skills and nerdy passions to the world of software development.

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As a software engineer, I am dedicated to sculpting cutting-edge solutions with a foundation in Python, JavaScript, and Java. My technical proficiency spans the realms of web development, databases, and problem-solving. Beyond the code, my strength lies in collaboration and effective communication, fostering team synergy and adaptability.

I bring a distinctive blend of social finesse and nerdy passions to the table. A team player at heart, I thrive on diverse collaboration, valuing every perspective. Whether elucidating technical concepts or steering discussions, my effective communication ensures cohesion.

In the realm of nerdy passions, I am not only a strategic gamer but also a Dungeon Master in the captivating world of Dungeons and Dragons. Crafting immersive campaigns and characters is my creative escape. My commitment extends to open-source contributions, enriching the community with my unique insights.

This portfolio is more than a compilation of skills; it's an invitation to join me on a journey where software engineering is seamlessly intertwined with social acumen and a love for imaginative worlds. Together, let's push the boundaries and redefine what's possible in the dynamic intersection of code and creativity.

My Top Skills

HTML5 CSS3 javascript
Python Java Git

Some of my Recent Projects

Python Grader Screenshot

Python Exam Grader

A platform for instructors to create questions and exams for teaching Python that automatically grades a student’s python code. (PHP, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

Live | Source


A web-based etch-a-sketch with a retro look that allows grayscale and rgb drawing with varying grid size.

Live | Source

UPS Capacity Cluster Planning Tool

A dynamic web tool for UPS that helped manage and visualize their VM clusters and nodes in multiple locations and showed potential additions and removals of clusters and their impact on resources. (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP)

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